Calvary United Methodist Church

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Calvary United Methodist Church’s Response to Coronavirus

At this time, our building is temporarily closed for deep cleaning to ensure the safety of all individuals within our congregation. We plan to be open for worship on Sunday.

On this page, you will find various things to help us respond to the current COVID-19 Pandemic. We invite you to look through the files and blog posts found on this page.

God Bless!

In this area, you will find documents that have been uploaded to help you connect to God.
  • 3-29-Sermon-Manuscript.pdf

  • 4-5-Worship-Plan.pdf

  • April-5-Sunday-School-Lesson.pdf

  • Love-Feast-Loaf-Recipe.pdf

  • 4-5-Sermon-Manuscript.pdf

  • 4-12-Sunday-School-Lesson.docx

  • An-Order-of-Worship-for-April-12.docx

  • 4-12-Sermon-Manuscript.pdf

  • 4-19-Worship-Plan.pdf

  • April-19-Sunday-School-Lesson.pdf

  • 4-19-Sermon.pdf

  • April-26-Sunday-School-Lesson.pdf

  • 4-26-Worship-Plan.pdf

  • 5-3-Worship-Plan.pdf

  • May-3-Sunday-School-Lesson.pdf

  • May-3-Sermon-Manuscript.pdf

  • An-Order-of-Worship-for-May-24.docx

  • 1030-am-Drive-In-Worship-Bulletin-6-7.pdf

  • 915-am-Worship-Bulletin-6-7.pdf

Here, you will find recent news updates from the church staff.