A Service of Handwashing and Feasting

Maundy Thursday, 2020

Below is a compilation of additional resources you will need to successfully host your Maundy Thursday Love Feast.

First, pick up a copy of the liturgy here.

Below are videos of hymns you will need for the service:

Great is Thy Faithfulness (UMH 140)

Praise God From Whom All Blessing Flow (UMH 95)

Directions for Using a Towel

This is a poetic description of how we can be in humble service using common objects such as a kitchen towel. Use this a humble transition to the conclusion of your service.

Pastoral Benediction

Offer the following benediction to close your service:

Loving God, we thank you for your great love. We praise you for the meal we have received this evening. God, we recognize the power of your love in this world and in our lives. We go forth this evening remembering that the best of all is... God is With Us!